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NOAC Website Results - 2002

NOAC 2002 featured a website competion. Our Lodge finished as an Honor Lodge by the skin of our teeth. Comments and Suggestions are always welcome

Is the text on the site easy to read? If not, can the size of the text be adjusted to be easier to read ?33
225: Thanks for making Text Size Changeable.
226: Easy to read text
227: Nice use of the background, text ok
228: Change to a sans-serif font it will be easier to read
229: Test is relative size - browser button works fine
230: Size is just right

Is the ALT attribute specified on all images, especially those functioning as text on the page?21
225: Don't forget ALT tags on all images, especially navigation
226: Good use of ALT
227: Use alt on all images
228: Use alt tags on all images
229: All the graphics I checked had alt tags with text
230: There seems to be no need for changes. Very nice commenting on the site I like the code.

Do the colors on the site correlate?33
227: Very nice.
228: Colors are ok.
229: Red header/footer with white text is a little harsh on the eyes
230: The colors are very nice.

Are the graphics, images, and pictures on the site clear and size appropriate?43
226: Good use of graphics
227: Good
228: graphics look good.
229: Graphic text is pixelated and difficult to read in toolbar on all page. Should be antialiased for best results.
230: Pictures seem clear and appropriately sized.

Are there any animation / multimedia / interactive parts on the web site?32.5
227: Sash bar on Chapter pages, nice.
228: Guestbook is ok to a point, is there someone who moderates it? If there is an obscene posting can someone edit it or remove it?
229: Text-based ticker on home page works correctly
230: I like the buttons

If question 4 was yes, were the animation / multimedia / interactive parts quick to display?21
225: The dictionary is awesome!
227: Quick and clean
229: Text only, not applicable
230: They are nice speed and load quickly

Was it easy to find information on Upcoming Events?32.8
227: For Lodge and the Chapters as well.
228: Nice link to the calendar page from the menu
229: Calendar has an updated list of events on it.
230: Information was easy to find and has a useful layout.

Was it easy to find information on lodge contacts?32.7
225: Not a whole lot of information is included.
227: OK
229: No link from toolbar, but sitemap had link
230: Information is there but limited.

Does every page have a link back to the home page?33
225: Consider making Officer one of the major categories
227: Bottom Bar, nice.
228: May want to make a home link on menu, not everyone will know to hit lodge patch.
229: Common toolbar on every page for this link.
230: I like the links on the bottom of the page to help navigate the site.

Is each page topic specific?33
225: Navigation Scheme works well.
227: Very good.
228: good topic headings
230: Yes very nice use of the titles

Is the information on the site categorized in a manner that makes it simple to find what you’re looking for?43.7
225: Excellent categories
226: Had some difficulty finding the pictures and history sections. Consider setting up sub-menus to appear under your menus when you select them. This could help navigation
227: Very good.
228: It was hard to find the links page; add a link to links to the menu, it was buried too deep.
230: Very nice organization to the site.

Is the overall site layout neat, organized, and efficient?66
225: The site design is clear and easy to understand
226: Good layout. Easy to use and clean
227: Very good, easy to get around in.
228: simple design, but effective
229: Header and footer take up a large percentage of available page and could easily be reduced in size.

Does the web site appear to have been updated within the last 3 months?44
225: Lots of information is updated
227: 7/18/2002 and looks like monthly (If only they knew!)
228: great to see a current site.

Is all the information on the site up-todate, with no outdated items still accessible (excluding ‘memories’, ‘historical’, or ‘scrapbook’ sections)?44
225: Old information is moved out effectively
226: No invalid links
227: OK
228: Calendar is current.

Is there general information regarding the council and lodge (such as name, mission statements, and affiliation with each other and the community)?43.3
225: Consider adding more info about the lodge, the service it provides and how it is an integral part of the council.
226: Not that I could find
227: OK
230: Very easy to locate, I like

Is there a link to the council’s web site?32.5
227: OK
228: Could add link to council site to links page.
229: Links to other lodges but not to council on the resources page.
230: You have the links button which makes it easy.

Is the lodge / council calendar posted on the site?32.5
225: Good calendar
227: Lodge only
228: Nice link to calendar page on menu.
229: Lodge calendar, but no council calendar
230: I like the calendar link. that makes it easy for your members to look a the complete calendar.

Are the current upcoming lodge events posted on the site (with information about them)?65
225: Consider adding more info about each event to help with promotion and registration
226: You might want to use the event names as links to additional information and consistently have more detail. Some useful info might be location, time of day, contact names, costs, directions, etc.
227: OK
228: good info on upcoming events.
230: You have a great way of informating your members about this. Great job!

Is there a way to contact the lodge leadership?55
227: OK
230: The contacts button makes it very easy to contact the leadership

Is there an email link, or another method, to contact the Webmaster?55
227: Webmaster
229: Comments button does this

Are there links to appropriate Section / Region / National sites?55
226: Good set of links
228: good selection of links

The site does not display any inappropriate content. (advertisements, sale of national supply items, copies of national supply items, unsuitable links, or Safeguarded materials)?55

Does the site appear to abide by laws regarding copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property?44

When printed, does the page fit properly on a 8.5 x 11 sheet with all vital aspects of the page replicated properly? If not, is a printable version available?33
225: The site scales very nicely
226: No printing issues.
229: Page sizes appropriately and looks correct in print preview mode.

Please rate (from 1 being the lowest to 10 being the highest), your overall feeling and experience from this site?107.7
225: An excellent site with a lot of great content and useable simple scheme. Continue to add more information, especially about lodge events.
226: Great site with lots to offer. You have great content that other lodges should emulate.
227: Very nice, good site.
228: Nice site, a lot of good information
229: Graphics are very loud and the pixelated nature makes the site look less professional than it could be.
230: Good looking site might want to work on some of the color and make the red a little less prevalent.


Reading through these there are a couple of recurring themes:

  1. We need more information on the site, particularly about events (probably cost us a point)
  2. Should look at improving the menu bar and perhaps modifying the red to a duller color (could be as much as 5 points)
  3. Graphics could use some improvement
  4. ALT appears to be contoversial - we lost a point, but why? At least one comment on it made little sense (navigation - those are all marked)
    We don't show ALT on any of our yearbook pictures - that's a choice since the only info of value would be whose in it which is not within the guidelines.