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NOAC Website Results - 2009

This year's NOAC featured a website competion. Our Lodge finished with 92.23 of 100. 92 was required to make Honor Website, so we qualified for this year. Our goal is to share the numbers and then solicit ideas to help improve them. Comments and Suggestions are always welcome

Content 23 of 23 points

Criteria Score Possible
1. Content on the site is appropriate to the Scouting movement. - OA Web Site Guidelines #2 4 4
2. The site homepage features an event within three months of the date judged (past or future). 5 5
3. A calendar of upcoming and recent events is easily available. The calendar should provide event descriptions or links to more information. 3 3
4. A portion of the site has been updated within the last three months. 4 4
5. Contact information for at least one lodge leader (i.e. chief, adviser, staff adviser) is readily available 4 4
6. Basic information about the lodge and the council it serves is readily available 3 3

Design 15.5 of 18 points

Criteria Score Possible
7. Each page is devoted to a single topic (Exception: homepage or index pages if used to provide short descriptions of and link to several different areas) 4 4
8. Pages effectively utilize white space in addition to text and graphics for a pleasing layout 2.22 4
9. Colors on the site complement each other, are coordinated, and are pleasing to the eye 4.33 5
10. Pages throughout the site use a consistent layout, font selection, and style (Note: different sections of the site may have different styles, but pages within the same section should have the same style) 5 5

Pizzazz 13.33 of 17 points

Criteria Score Possible
11. Pages use photos and other graphics to enhance written content 3.44 5
12. Pages use buttons and other graphics to assist in the formatting and appearance of the page beyond simply enhancing content 3.78 5
13. The site is accented by browser toolbar icons, animations, or other multimedia features that do not detract from the purpose of the site 3.11 4
14. If used, animations such as Flash or animated GIFs load quickly, are easily skipped or stopped, and are not required for site navigation 2 2
15. If used, video or other bandwidth-intensive multimedia files are provided in both highbandwidth and low-bandwidth versions 1 1

Guidelines and Technical Compliance 21.6 of 22 points

Criteria Score Possible
16. The site does not contain any unprotected safeguarded information (i.e. OA ceremonies), BSA Supply Division materials, or commercial advertisements or materials (except for an acknowledgement of the hosting service) -OA Web Site Guidelines #3-6 4 4
17. A method to contact the webmaster is easy to find -OA Web Site Guidelines #9 3 3
18. If the site collects any personally identifying information, a privacy policy is clearly visible on all pages where data is collected 3 3
19. The site contains links to:
a. Its councilís web site
b. Its sectionís web site
c. Its regionís web site
d. The National Order of the Arrow web site
3.6 4
20. Pages contain no apparent copyright or intellectual property violations -OA Web Site Guidelines #7 3 3
21. Pages contain no published phone numbers, addresses or e-mail addressed of any youth 5 5

Usability and Accessibility 18.79 of 20

Criteria Score Possible
22. Text is easy to read and user can change the font size without making the page unusable 3.56 4
23. Page titles (in title bar) are unique for each page 2 2
24. All images used for page content make appropriate use of alternative text tags that are accurate, succinct, and descriptive 2.67 3
25. Each page has a navigation bar or similar way to get to all the main areas of the web site. 4 4
26. All critical sections of the page (i.e. navigation bar, major content) appear acceptably in the viewerís normal browser. (Note: Lodge web sites should be functional in a wide variety of platforms and browsers) 3.56 4
27. Pages download within 2 minutes, even on slow connections 3 3

Their Comments

Positive Judge Comments

  1. Judge A: love lodge performance, focus on Brotherhood. Love the candidates, leaders, and parents pages. Great layout, very easy to navigate.
  2. Judge C: Great content, nice to have membership stats available, Email for officers is great idea, page loads very quickly
  3. Judge D: Need a single page for members as there is too much content, lots of really good content.
  4. Judge E; Excellent , thorough and up to date content, email form is excellent.
  5. Other judges had no meaningful positive comments

Negative Judge Comments

  1. Judge A: Use a photo on every page.
  2. Judge B: Try to be less boxy/tabley. Make sections blend into each other. Headers are dated and pixelated.
  3. Judge C: Red is hard to read and homepage is crowded.
  4. Judge D: Format is bad under safari (too much whitespace), Need to lose red in top banner and go darker red if we keep it. Some links on left bar are on 2 lines. Move text to fix it.
  5. Judge E: Needs more animated/multimedia content. Need better white space and better matching of picture to story on home page.
  6. Judge F: no meaningful comments
  7. Judge G: Design need improvement
  8. Judge H: Some whitespace issues
  9. Judge I: No alt tags in Firefox 3.5

Potential Solutions

  1. More Pictures
    1. Create new banners (top right) for the rotation - many lodges show members at events. I think we could replace our existing banners with random pictures drawn from migisi memories. (A, B)
    2. Pursuing additional committee and event logos with eye towards adding more graphics to news and calendar.
  2. Stylesheet Change
    1. Stylesheet for Safari was incorrect - this will correct some whitespace issues as well as some crowding and double-line menu items (D, E, H)
  3. Alt Tags
    1. Judging error, but to avoid future problems, we added "title" tags to images. (I)
  4. Red
    1. Once again under attack for the red being too bright or too hard to read. Maybe we need to make a change. Darker red or less red?
  5. Design
    1. May need to do some work to correlate picture size with story size - maybe a mathematical relationship between word/character count and picture size - could create additional problems with very small pictures.
    2. May need to evaluate on very wide screens - current design is very fluid which may result in design issues on newer wide monitors.
    3. Boxy/tabley design. Strangely enough, we only use tables in a handful of places (calendar, focus on)

Progress so far

  1. Changed the red to a much darker shade.
  2. Modified stylesheet to better accomodate Safari and Chrome.
  3. Requested funds for committee graphics
  4. Added title attribute to all pictures