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Unit Leader Information

We've added this page to help unit leaders find the things they're most likely to need about the Order of the Arrow. If there are other items you think should be added, please let us know.

Basics of the Order of the Arrow

Ever wondered what the purpose of the Order is? Curious about lodge vs. chapter and where sections fit in? Check out Basics of the Order of the Arrow or our own Migisi Opawgan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Troop Representative

The Troop Representative program is intended to help both the unit and the Lodge by making sure lines of communication are open. The job is available to any arrowman in your unit who is under 18. It does count as a position of responsibility for purposes of rank advancement.

You can learn more about the Troop Rep Program or get your Troop Rep Certified right here on the site.

Unit Visits and Unit Elections

There are several reasons you might want to have members of the Order of the Arrow visit your troop. First, we need to visit to hold an election. Second, we can help with your summer camp or other camp promotion and third, we have a whole cadre of experienced scouters who can help with your program through our Scoutreach programs.
Schedule a Unit Election or Visit - On-Line.
Schedule a Unit Election or Visit - By phone.
Check out our FAQ's for immediate questions and answers on elections.

Upcoming Events

We'd love it if you could mention the following upcoming events at your troop meetings and include them in your troop newsletters and calendars.

To see even more events, check out our Lodge Calendar or the page for your chapter.