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Where to Go Camping Guide

One of many projects carred out by Migisi Opawgan at D-A The Order of the Arrow is an organization dedicated to cheerful service and the promotion of camping. On behalf of Migisi Opawgan Lodge #162, we wish you a happy and safe journey in the great outdoors. This off-line CD version of our "Where to Go Camping" guide provides a snapshot of the data available in our on-line guide at www.migisi.org. Our on-line guide is updated frequently while this off-line version only contains data as of January 12, 2006. An annual update is planned for the off-line CD version.

Our Council Camps

The Great Lakes Council has four of the finest camps in the country. Please support them with a share of your annual program plan.

Camp Agawam in Lake Orion, MI

Cole Canoe Base in Alger, Mi

D-bar-A Scout Ranch in Metamora, MI

Lost Lake Scout Reservation in Lake, MI

Camping Medical Forms

Your event may require a medical form:

Class 1 and 2 Medical Form (offsite)

Class 3 Medical Form (offsite)

Tour Permit

Local Tour Permit Information

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Search Type Description Search Type
State/Province Search for a camp by state. Useful if you want to find all the camps in a particular state.
Name Search for a camp by name or part of a name. Useful if you know where you're headed but aren't quite sure of the name.
Search by Proximity Search for camp near a certain ZIP Code. Useful if you want to find camps near an attraction or other camps in the same general area.
Search by Operator Search for a camp based on who runs it. Useful if you want to see other camps by the same group or all the state parks in a state.



Special thanks go out to the many Migisi Opawgan Lodge arrowmen who work on this database as well as other Section C-2A lodges who also contributed.