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History for 1939


Chief:Andrew Watson


A little more than two weeks after the application was signed, charter members were initiated. They were William Hooper, William Knapp, Richard Nelson, Ernest Peterkin, and Andrew Watson of Camp Brady; and Hector Gordon, Robert Mounteer, and Robert Rutherford of Howell.

The Brady induction, at Waterford Hill Farm, was officiated by Chippewa Lodge 29 of Pontiac about two weeks prior to the Howell ceremony. Munhacke Lodge 88 of Ann Arbor inducted the first Howell group in Camp Newkirk on July 13, 1939.

Once started, groups from both camps continued the ordeal and induction weekly. By summer's end 50 Brady men and over 20 Howell men were in the Arrow.

There were two meetings of the Lodge as a whole that first year. The first occurred at Camp Howell the afternoon of August 9, a Wednesday, with the Brady chapter of that date being entertained by the members of the Camp Howell chapter. An election was held for Lodge officers: Andy Watson became the first chief; Waldo Irwin, scribe; and Dave Beauvais, treasurer. Subjects considered included camp promotion and equipment improvement as an Order project.

On Wednesday, December 27, at the Highland Park YWCA, 55 of the 72 members attended the first winter meeting of the Lodge. Walter MacPeek of the Livingstone Council gave the message of the evening, "Friendliness".

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